Buy 2 Videos for $50.00 - DVD's or VCR Tapes

Buy 2 Videos for $50.00 - DVD's or VCR Tapes
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  • Item #: 2VIDEO50
Coupon Code -2VIDEO50 - Buy 2 DVD's or 2 VCR Tapes for $50.00. Select your 2 Videos and put them in your shopping cart. At check out you will be prompted to enter a "COUPON CODE" enter this code- 2VIDEO50 -the price $9.90 will be deducted from your total.YOU MUST CLICK ON "APPLY COUPON" or the coupon will not be credited and the discount will not apply.We are unable to give credits for the coupons, you must Apply Coupon.If you have any other questions you may contact us at $59.90 Value - You Save $9.90 ***
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