40 Bands from Texas 50 Tunes

40 Bands from Texas 50 Tunes
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Volume 1Big Joe Opening Theme Lets Have a Party Polka - Vrazels Polka Band2. Fiesta Polka - Donnie Vavra Orchestra3. Happy Go Lucky Polka - Charles and The Fabulous Four4. Egerland My - Homeland Polka - The Swinging Dutchmen5. Doll Polka - Ernie Kucera and His Orchestra6. Austin Waltz - The Twilights7. Grey Mountain Polka - Littl Fishermen of Texas8. Band Leader Polka - Central Texas Sound 9. Erie Shores Polka - Erie Shores Button Box10. If I Were A Bird Polka - The Lazy Farmer Band11. Pivo And Kolaches - Red Ravens12. At The Spring Waltz - Honorary Charles Chovanec Band13. Round And Round Polka- Adolph Nemitz Orchestra14. Heska Holka Polka- Gil Baca15. El Golpe Triadore-Fritz Hoddi?s - The Fabulous Six16. Unhappy Lover Polka - Bohemian Dutchmen17. Polish Wedding March - Polish Sausage 5 1/2 18. Circling Pigeons Laendler - Jodi MikulaOrchestra19. My Darling Polka - Leroy Rybak Swinging Orchestra20. Dulcmir Polka Ray Krenek Orchestra21. Kiss Me Polka - Joe Beno and His Orchestra22. Sunshine Polka - The Serenaders23. Insbrook Waltz - The Happy Travelers24. Griders Polka - The Shiner Hobos25. Farewell March - Round Top Brass BandVolume 2Big Joe Opening Theme 1. Let?s all Dance The Texas Way Polka - The Sound Connection2. Red Raven Polka - Seven Dutchmen Orchestra3. Schnieder Polka - A.J. Drabek and The Dutchmasters4. Clover By The Water Polka - Czech Harvesters5. George and Joe?s Polka - Al Grebnick and His Orchestra6. Snow Waltz - Oma and The Oompahs7. Clock On The Steeple Polka - The Travelers Orchestra8. Lovely Mary Polka - Texas Sound Check9. Polka Nuts - Polka Nuts10. Jager March - Teen German Band of LaGrange11. Bohemian Ax Thrower - New Braunfels Village Brass Band 12. Huntsman Waltz - Jubilee Polka Band13. Jolly Lumberjacks Polka - Bobby Allen Band14. Corn Cockle Polka - The Legends Band 15. Beer Barrel Polka - Kovanda?s Czech Band16. Kydo Kydo Polka - Bobby Jones Czech Band17. Good Day Polka - Alvin Styszynski 18. Westphalia Waltz - Rudy and His Czechmates19. Little Goose Polka - Vaneks Of West20. When Trumpets Play Polka - Czech and Then Some21. Under the Roof Polka - Leonard Becwar and His Orchestra22. Koline Koline Polka - Janak?s Polka Band23. Fire Brigade Polka - The Praha Brothers24. A Ja Sam Polka - Mark Halata and Texavia25. Texas Polka Medley - Dujka Brothers
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